Department of Advaita Vedanta

At the very birth of this institution, this department was called only Vedanta. But now it is Advaita-Vedanta. The Department of Vedanta was started with Pundit Rudramani Dikshit in January, 1824. Thereafter, Ramkumara was the Acting Professor for three months. And in the month of May, 1825, W. H. Mill, the Principal of Bishop’s College, recommended Krishnadeva Upadhyaya for the post of Vedanta Professor. After his death, Shambhu Chandra Vachaspati was appointed. Before this, he had been in the employ of Mr. Wilson for about three years. He published Vedantasara ascribed by Sadanandayogindra with Vidvanmanoranjani of Ramakrishnatirtha in Devanagari script according to the direction of General Committee of Public Instruction. Yogendranath Tarkasamkhyavedantatirtha and Panchana Shastri were the professors in this department.