Department of Bengali

Although Pt. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was a pioneer of Bengali prose, but Sanskrit College did not have any separate division as Bengali language.  After completion of three years learning ‘Byakaron’, the students were eligible for literature class. But since the literature classes were based on Sanskrit contexts the literature department was also a part of Sanskrit.

Bengali Literature as a Honours subject was introduced 2010 in the erstwhile Sanskrit College. At that time three retired professors of Government Colleges Arun Kumar Ghosh (late), Amitabha Ghosh and Krishna Palit willingly came forward and took the responsibility to build up the department. Post-graduate Bengali was introduced in 2018.

The different genres of Bengali Literature are taught here very sincerely and with care. Students are also guided for competitive exam like NET/SET. Students are guided to get various scholarships so they can afford to study easily. The library has a plethora of reading materials in this regard.