Department of English

The English department of the erstwhile Sanskrit College was established in 2010 and the English Honours programme in the UG course of study started then. MA in English started in 2018.

The UG and PG syllabi of the department are truly inter-disciplinary and multifarious, spanning from core English literature to Ancient European classics in translation; from Canadian literature to Australian and Latin American, from films to theatre; from digital humanities to literary and cultural theories. Alongside, the department also equips students in the spheres of academic, technical and creative writing, performance and linguistics, public speech and interview skills.

The department also engages closely with the Indological and Sanskritic traditions that had been the mandate of the erstwhile Sanskrit College—through a close study of Natyasastra and Sanskrit classical literature in translation, the department finds its footing in this tradition.

Regular film screenings and theatre workshops enable the students to develop a more hands on approach towards narratives. They can also depart from original texts that can help promote creativity and inspire them for more ambitious projects in future. The aim is to make the students Interact with the prescribed texts in a way that they can relate to them easily.