Department of Pali

The only University in West Bengal to offer Pali is the Sanskrit College and University. In South and South East Asia, Pali is the language for Buddhist communities, and had reached many parts of the subcontinent along with Buddhism. Although not so popular in India anymore, its influence continues unabated in the rest of the world. It is imperative to study Pali to have a comprehensive understanding of Ancient and Medieval literature, Archaeology, Comparative Literature and Language—as well as to understand the development of Indian literature and language. In keeping with the needs of the time, the department now teaches Buddhist Tourism management, Applied Buddhism and Creative Writing in Pali as well. The focus of the course is both theoretical and vocational.

Pali is one of the subjects prescribed for Civil Service examinations. Pali language experts are in high demand in the sphere of International Relations. Students from any stream in the Higher Secondary level can opt to study Pali.