UG Courses

Course Duration In years Major Subjects Total credit points
Ancient Indian and World History 3 Prehistoric and Proto historic Cultures of the Indian Subcontinent and its archaeological foundations, Ancient World Civilizations, Political History of Early India Early History of Southeast Asia and China, Religious Ideologies in Early India, Socio - Economic and Cultural History of Bengal, Epigraphic and Numismatic Studies, Indian Paleography Museology and Heritage Studies History of Indian Art and Architecture 142
Pali 3 History of Pali Literature and Early Buddhism, Buddhist Philosophical Concepts and Texts, Poetics and Aesthetics, Pali Grammar 142
Linguistics 3 Introduction to Linguistics, Elementary Phonetics, Morphology, Historical Linguistics, Dialectology, Lexicography, Linguistic Paleontology 142
Bengali 3 History of Bengali literature and culture, Folk Literature and Culture, Bengali childhood literature, science fiction in Bengali literature 142
English 3 History and Development of the English Language & Rhetoric and Prosody, Renaissance and Elizabethan Literature, The Puritan, Restoration and Augustan Age Literature, Romantic and Victorian Literature, European Classical and Medieval Literature, Science Fiction and Detective Literature 142
Philosophy 3 Outlines of Indian and Western Philosophical thoughts, Indian Logic, Philosophy of Religion, Socio-Political Philosophy, Sufiism 142
Sanskrit 3 Sanskrit Drama and Figures of Speech, History of Epics, Classical Sanskrit Literature including Inscriptional and Historical works, Artha??stra and Dharma??stra, Elements of Indian Philosophy and History of Indian Philosophy 142
Advaita- Vedanta 3 Classical Texts of the Advaita Philosophy i.e. Vedantasara, Vedantaparibhasa, Panchadasi, Gita, Brahmasutra, Bhamati, Siddhantaleshasamgraha, Vivaranaprameyasamgraha etc. 142
Panini Vyakarana 3 Classical Sanskritic Texts on Laghusiddhantakaumudi, Siddhantakaumudi, Ashtadhyayi, Bhattikavya, Hitopadesha, Paniniya Shiksha etc. 142
Sanskrit Sahitya 3 Indian Classics of Sanskrit Literature i.e. Raghuvamsha, Nitishataka, Panchatantra, Abhijnanam-shakuntalam, Gita etc. and rhetoric literatures 142

PG Courses

Sanskrit 2 Vedic Hymns and Vedic History of Literature, Samhita Brahamana and Upanishad, History of Sanskrit Poetics, Vedanta 120
Philosophy 2 Indian and Western Epistemology, Indian and Western Metaphysics, Indian and Western Logic, Ved?nta, Social and Political Philosophy 120
Bengali 2 Pre-Modern Bangla Literature ( From Post Chaitanya Period to 18th Century), 19th Century Bangla Literature in Social Perspective, Bengali Bangla Fiction, 20th Century Bangla Literature 120
English 2 Australian and Canadian Literature, British Modernism and Post –War Literature, Latin American Literature 120
Ancient India and World History 2 Ancient Indian Historical Traditions, History of Early Indian Art and Architecture, Ancient Mesopotamia, Urbanization in early India History of Varna-Jati system in early India 120