The University inherited the Museum and Art Gallery that existed in the erstwhile Sanskrit College.  The University Museum and Art Gallery has a massive collection of sculptures, paintings, folk-art objects, terracotta figures and figurines which dates back to antiquity of ages. The rich collection showcases a slice of the ethno-cultural diversities of Indian subcontinent that pervades in those periods.

The University Museum and Art Gallery does provide an opportunity to the research scholars in the domain of Indic art, culture and archaeological studies for study and research.

The University Museum and Art Gallery also adheres to the policies and laws of the land related to the preservation and acquisition of old artifacts.

In future this University Museum and Art Gallery will act as a nodal point of stimulating public awareness and knowledge generation involving the academia as well communities working on heritage and culture.

The Museum is open from Monday to Saturday from 11a.m. to 3p.m. usually, barring university holidays.

Entry to the University Museum and Art Gallery is free, however permission to be solicited from the University Office.